Refund Policy

The annual subscription plan on our website need twelve month guarantee and are refundable only within the 15 days of subscription money received. Though, subject to decision of management of the company upon the facts of an individual case, payment will be refundable in case you are not happy with the service, we will also make our best effort to issues. However, if you are still not satisfied with our service, then under various circumstances, we facilitate refund policy as follows:

We offer 15 days money refund policy with the following terms and conditions.

For yearly/small business plans

  • 100% of plan price will be returned, if claimed made within 15 calendar days of subscription.
  • The amount of refund is not applicable for per incidence plans
  • And there is no refund after 15 calendar days of subscription plan.

Refunds can be accepted only either of the following circumstances:

When you have all the stipulations which are needed to resolve the issues and that was not fixed even your account was actively running.

  • The issue is not under the scope of the particular plan.
  • 15 days have not completed after the issue was last worked upon by Windows Tech Support Phone Number.
  • There has not been any resolved issue or closed ticket in the past under unlimited plans.

Users Responsibility (Important) with reference to obtaining services, you agree that you will follow:

Be patience and cooperate with the technicians of Windows Tech Support Phone Number:

We will do our best efforts to provide the best support to you. And as per our previous experiences, most of the issues can be fixed as an outcome of close cooperation between both, you and our technicians. You need to attend our technicians in proper manner while following their instructions accordingly.

You must make sure that following conditions are correct:

The conditions giving rise to the question, is reproducible on a particular system, i.e. one central processing unit, with its work terminals and other peripherals, you should have understanding of hardware system, and software involved, and in the facts and situations surrounding the event; the complete system, including hardware and software is available with you with access for you without any restrictions during any telephonic discussions with the tech support personnel of Windows Tech Support Phone Number.

Software/Data backup:

You know and accept that Windows Tech Support Phone Number under no circumstances will be responsible for any data lost or corrupted software. Windows Tech Support Phone Number strictly suggests its customers to always keep the backup of data with our disaster recovery plan.

Account, password and security for users to submit a plan order, you need to complete the registration procedure by providing us with present and correct information as requested and need at the time of registration process. As your login details, you can choose your name and password, and you are independently responsible for keeping the privacy of your password of your login account.

Data Backup

You are fully and independently responsible to maintain and keep backup of all the data, information, text and other materials including customer data and software stored on your computer and storage media before ordering the services. You acknowledge and accept that Windows Tech Support Phone Number or its referral partner is not responsible or liable under any situations at any time for any loss or exploitation of user’s data, hardware and software that may generate out of the services.

This Refund policy sets out Windows Tech Support Phone Number uses and prevents any information that you provide to Windows Tech Support Phone Number when you use this refund policy. Windows Tech Support Phone Number is committed to make sure that your secrecy is protected. If we request you to provide certain details by which you can be recognized while using this website, then you can be certain that it will only be used as per the refund policy statement. Windows Tech Support Phone Number keeps the right to change this policy from time-to-time by updating this section of website. You need to check this page regularly to ensure that you agree with the changes.

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