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How to Troubleshoot Windows 10 Freezing Problem in Your PC?

Computer running and suddenly freezes will stop your work and if not restored timely your computer may crash leads to major problems. Nowadays windows 10 users are facing such issues on their computer became one of the major concern among the users.

When your computer freezes you will be not able to move curser, keyboard not respond and nothing moves on the computer display. Troubleshooting windows freezing problem becomes more challenging when you don’t have any idea how to deal with such situations. To know How to troubleshoot Windows 10 freezing problem in your PC read the points given below.

Update BIOS and Driver of your computer

An outdated driver also becomes the prime reason for such issues, updating various drivers on your computer helps to solve freezing problem in windows 10 PC. Sound driver, Wireless driver, printer driver and many more drivers that should be updated timely to avoid technical problems. Similarly updating BIOS is also important for windows 10 users to run their PC smoothly.

Keep Air Vents Clean to Stop your PC from Overheating

Computer air vents covered with dust particles and dirt blocks the air flow that keeps your computers processing chamber cools. If air vents are not clean your computer will become overheated while using for long hours. Hence, clean these vents and remove dust to allow air come out easily and keep the system at normal heating temperature.

Scan and Remove Virus and Malicious Files

Outbreak of malware or virus also causes frizzing of computer. Deleting such malicious files is important to prevent your computer from further damage. To remove such threats scan your computer and remove malicious files with the help of antivirus software. You can also take help at Windows 10 tech support to run virus scanning process successfully.

Uninstall Software that cause the Freezing Problem

There are certain software that causes computer freezing problem, mainly large size complicated software that consumes lots of virtual memory. You need to uninstall the software from your computer and remove the setup to avoid freezing problem on windows 10 PC.  Windows technical support is available for users to help them if freezing problem on windows 10 computers with useful tips to avoid such issues again in near future.

How to Troubleshoot Windows 10 Freezing Problem in Your PC?

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