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How to repair your PC and notebook: diagnose and fix the most common malfunctions
Display hinge problem
With oil, you can make the tight hinges move. If they are broken out of the bottom, it must be repaired

The above troubleshooting methods also apply to mobile computers, but the home user will encounter intractable problems more quickly due to the compact design of the device. You can replace a lost or clearly defective power supply with a "universal power supply for laptops", which comes with connectors for different models; it is available from 1000 rubles.

If the fan is constantly running at high speeds even without load and/or the laptop hangs under a significant load, probably the central processor heatsink is clogged with dust. To clean it, you need to open the laptop. To do this, remove either the keyboard and the top case or the bottom case (depending on the model). The best option would be to search for a repair manual for your particular model or series of devices on YouTube, for example, by searching for "disassembly name of your model".

For mechanical damage, such as a faulty keypad, you won't get ahead without having a replacement part. If you find exactly the right one for your model, the replacement is fairly quick: often it is enough to unscrew just a few screws on the underside of the laptop, disconnect the flat ribbon cable, remove the keyboard and install the new one, following the steps in reverse order.
notebook repair
Cleaning a clogged laptop heatsink
Dust can accumulate between the fan impeller and the cooling plates, resulting in increased fan speeds and stability problems. To clean it, you need to disassemble the laptop.

The task becomes much more difficult if the hinge connection of the display has failed - in this case often still intact metal hinge is broken out of the plastic bottom. The bottom is difficult to find as a spare part, and experiments with polymer and "instant" adhesives offer little hope. Gloomy prospects unfold also in the case of a faulty laptop display: even if you find a suitable module, its installation is a task for professionals, primarily due to the easily damaged display cable.Firewall

Sometime you may not be able to block the program when you put wrong program in the block list or accidentally allow the program you don’t want to use or auto run.You can contact support if you want to block Program using firewall you can get in touch with Windows support number round the clock by dialing toll free number +1-844-602-3987.
How to Block a Program in Windows Firewall?
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