How to Resolve Windows 7 Not Genuine Problem?

Windows 7 Not Genuine Error FixIf you have installed pirated version of windows 7 OS, most probably you would be getting error after using trial period. And every time when you start your PC, you will see this error “This copy of Windows is not genuine” and your computer screen may go blank or blue screen will appear.

The best way to avoid this error is buy the license key and enjoy complete version without any error. And if you don’t want to pay the price, follow the steps given below that will help you to remove this error and you can use windows 7 without any issue.

Turn-off the Updates on Your PC

Always keep in mind, when you choose to use any software for free use or installed the pirated version of such software first keep updates off, otherwise new updates can be downloaded when you connect your PC with high-speed network, and original software Developer Company will get to know about this and you can face such errors.

Hence, after installing windows 7 on your PC first turn-off the updates, under control panel settings you can find this option, where select “Never Check for Updates (Not recommended)”. However, if you need help or you are facing a problem take Windows 7 update support for enabling or disabling the updates on windows PC.      

Uninstall the Last Updates or Update Version KB971033

If you forgot to turn-off the updates and windows 7 has been automatically updated with new updates like KB971033, then you have to uninstall this version and restart your PC for restoring the previous functions. Again to uninstall such updates, go to control panel where check the latest updated version “KB971033” and uninstall the same. However, if you need any help or there is an issue while uninstalling updates, you can ask for online help offered by Windows 7 technical support to uninstall Windows 7 updates.

Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Problem

Fix the Error Using SLMGR - REARM Command

Above are the two methods to avoid such errors in windows 7, and there is one more way to fix Windows not genuine error. Just go to start menu and type cmd in the search field, you will get command prompt option, just right click and run as an administrator otherwise it will not work. Now type SLMGR – REARM, which is tool helps to manage windows software license. REARM is the command used to rest the license status of the computer systems.

Press Ok and restart you’re PC, and you will never see the error again while using unlicensed version of windows 7 on your PC. However, despite all these efforts if you see “This copy of Windows is not genuine” error again, then dial windows 7 support phone number to fix this problem with the help of highly skilled technicians for permanent solution.

How to Resolve Windows 7 Not Genuine Problem?

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