A fresh battery has a voltage of 3.2-3.45 volts. Gradually over several years it runs out of power and at some point the computer stops remembering the date and other settings. You MUST replace the battery and reconfigure the BIOS, because messed up data in the BIOS may lead to the computer malfunction, overheating of the parts or malfunction of the operating system.

What does the computer beep about?

The Power On Self-Test (POST) starts after you turn on your computer. It tests the presence and condition of the hard drive, video card, memory and the rest of the "iron". In older models of computers and some modern computers, this testing is accompanied by certain sounds from the speaker. It is from a special speaker located inside the system unit, not from the speakers.


If you hear a long beep or a series of beeps from the speakers, but the computer does not turn on, or turns on with some errors, it means that there is some kind of malfunction. BIOS signals vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is better to have a specialist deal with these problems. The absence of signals does not mean that the computer is faulty. Most laptops do not have it, and a lot of assemblers also save money and do not put this speaker in the system units of desktop computers.

How do I install Windows from the BIOS?

Completely wrong wording. You can't. In the BIOS you can only set the boot order, so that the computer is booted not from the hard drive, but from a different medium, such as an optical "laser" disk or a flash drive.

Sometime you may not be able to block the program when you put wrong program in the block list or accidentally allow the program you don’t want to use or auto run.You can contact support if you want to block Program using firewall you can get in touch with Windows support number round the clock by dialing toll free number +1-844-602-3987.
How to Block a Program in Windows Firewall?
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