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How To Protect Your Windows System After Ransomware Attack?

We are very familiar with this popular Ransomware Malware. It is the most popular form of Malware that is used by Malicious code writers so as to infect the user’s system and further make money demands from the user, in case the demander amount of money is not paid to these cyber criminals within the limited period of time then they may even threaten the user by blackmailing to post their data publicly or could also increase the ransom payment amount.  These Malwares lock down the user’s files and folders and further make demand of huge amount of money to unlock them.

How does Malware enter your system?

Ransomware is a type of Malware that can enter your computer system through just by a click on infected mail attachments, drive by downloads, Socially engineered Malware, Malvertising or through hacked websites.

Once this Ransomware malware entered your system it will start encrypting and locking down all your files and folders which could only be opened after you pay a demanded amount of money to these cyber criminals.

How to get rid of this Ransomware Malware?

To get rid of this you can make use of anti- Malware software, but this may or may not be helpful. You need to fortify your defense using anti-Ransomware software. Also Windows users can take some of the basic steps to prevent Ransomware, like updating your operating system, using good security software and regularly backing up your data offline.

How to know your System is infected or not?

The time you find that your files, images & data have been encrypted and you are unable to open the files. And you could receive a popup screen asking you to pay a ransom, or face deletion of your files.

Having a backup of your data can simply protect you from such threats and you can simply ignore the warnings, format and clean install your Windows OS and restore your backed up files.

What to do if your Windows system is affected by Ransomware attack?

In case your Windows system has been locked by Ransomware, you should take the following steps:

  • If your computer is part of a network, remove the infected system from the network.
  • Create a copy of your disk or the impacted files to analyze it later.
  • If your Windows system has a restore point, see if you can go back and see if this works or not.
  • Format and clean reinstall Windows and restore your backed up data to make a fresh start.
  • Boot your Windows system into a Safer Mode and run your antivirus software deep-scan.
  • Identify the Ransomware which has infected your computer using free online service called ID Ransomware.
  • If you are able to identify the Ransomware, check if a Ransomware decrypt tool is available and take help of one of these Ransomware decryptor tools.
  • If the Ransomware totally blocked access to your computer you can make use of Kaspersky Windows Unlocker as it can cleans up the Ransomware infected Registry, and gives you access again.
  • If you are unable to resolve the issue and access your computer, you can also report your Ransomware case to your local cyber-crime cell, police authorities or the FBI.

As we all know precaution is better than cure, so your very first step should be to protect your Windows system and your data completely by keeping a backup, by being alert about not to click any suspicious mail and making use of Anti Ransomware software.

How To Protect Your Windows System After Ransomware Attack?

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