How to Fix Windows Boot Manager Windows Failed To Start?

Windows boot manager is a part of windows support environment to load windows on your system. Windows boot manager requires configuration data to load windows and the data is stored in boot configuration data. On starting a computer windows first read master boot record and if it is corrupted you receive windows boot manager windows failed to start issue.

If you are unaware of power on after shutting down windows 10 you may read the blog and know why is the Power Button of My Laptop Still on After Shutting Down in Windows 10. To fix windows boot manager error in windows you can follow best approach explained below in steps and execute them one by one.

windows boot manager windows failed to start

Steps to Fix Windows Boot Manager Failed To Start Windows:


Step1: Insert windows installation disk and restart the computer.

Step2: Press F8 after getting logo on desktop.

Step3: Now in boot menu select language.

Step4: Select repair option and follow on screen commands.


Step1: Repeat step1 and step2 of method1.

Step2: Click on repair your computer and select advanced option.

Step3: Open command prompt now and type all the commands press entering each command.

  • exe /fixmbr
  • exe /fixboot
  • exe /scanos
  • exe /rebuildbcd

Repair Boot configuration data.

  • attrib –r –s –h c: \boot\bcd
  • del c: \boot\bcd
  • bcdboot c: \windows

Clean disk for junk files and other left overs

  • Now clean disk
  • diskpart
  • list disk
  • select disk n (where n is the number of the disk you want to wipe)
  • clean
  • exit

Step4: Restart computer and check the MBR error is resolved.

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How to Fix Windows Boot Manager Windows Failed To Start?
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