So, according to our observations, rarely any user writes more than 2-5TB of information to his SSD drive per year. This includes information that the operating system writes without your knowledge (swap file, browser cache, registry, etc.). Exceptions as usual there is - people engaged in processing large arrays of data (video editing and the like), but those who do such things and themselves are aware that the drive for them - this is an expendable for a couple of years. Now let's do the math, for the cheapest disks manufacturers claim a 100TB write guarantee until failure. Let's say you write 10TB of information per year instead of 5TB. That's 10 years. If you work on your computer 8 hours a day, that's 30,000 hours. That's 1-2 times replacing a regular hard drive, and that's compared to the cheapest SSD drive. And the more expensive kinds of SSDs have a guaranteed data recording capacity of 250TB, 500TB, or over 1000TB.

We have been installing SSD drives for over 5 years, and we have certain statistics at our repair shop for computers and laptops ANY.BY. Cheap SSD drives periodically fail, not having worked out their intended resource. Especially "suffer" from this disks from Chinese sites. Yes, and there you can catch a lucky specimen or two. And then a couple of pieces that will fail within a couple of months. Disks from good series usually fail after all reasonable terms of their use are already gone.

Sometime you may not be able to block the program when you put wrong program in the block list or accidentally allow the program you don’t want to use or auto run.You can contact support if you want to block Program using firewall you can get in touch with Windows support number round the clock by dialing toll free number +1-844-602-3987.
How to Block a Program in Windows Firewall?
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