So SSDs (solid state drives), solid state drives, use memory chips for storage. This memory is different - faster, slower, more reliable, less reliable. But no matter how slow the memory is in the cheapest SSD drives, we in the ANY.BY workshop have not met SSD drives that would be as slow as hard drives. As a rule, SSD drives are faster than HDD disks for what you need an SSD and whether hard drives are dead in 2-7 times or more.

There is a perception that SSD drives are not as reliable as HDD drives, because they have a feature such as the number of cycles of recording, after which the memory cell fails. Our observations in the workshop ANY.BY repair of computers and laptops show that the average normal hard drive rarely lives more than 15-20 thousand hours. If you personally have a copy or two, which worked for 30-40 thousand hours, then this is exactly the rare case-exception which confirms the general rule. Yes, and we met instances of hard drives with mileage of 40 and 60 thousand hours during the last 10 years when repairing computers in our workshop, but it's fractions of a percent, one out of thousands...

Sometime you may not be able to block the program when you put wrong program in the block list or accidentally allow the program you don’t want to use or auto run.You can contact support if you want to block Program using firewall you can get in touch with Windows support number round the clock by dialing toll free number +1-844-602-3987.
How to Block a Program in Windows Firewall?
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