How to Fix Sound Problems on Windows 7 on Mac?

If you have installed or updated windows 7 OS on your Mac computer using Boot Camp you might face sound related problem either it’s through external speakers or headset. This setback will not allow you hear any sound while watching or listening the media contents on your Mac.

This problem can be caused due to known reasons like software is outdated or drivers corrupted after Windows install or update. Here, you can find the best ways to fix sound problems on Windows 7 running on your Mac computer.


Update the Boot Camp with Latest Versions        

If you have updated windows 7 using boot camp, then you also need to update the boot camp with latest version. This incompatibility creates problem in sound system of the Mac device. Updating boot camp is very easy, you just need to go to to download the setup and follow the instructions for installing the same. Once installed redstart Mac and problem will be solved.

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Install or Update Latest Version of Sound Driver

Sometimes after windows update or install the current version of sound or audio driver not supports the Mac. Hence, reinstall or update the audio drivers with latest version to avoid incompatibility issues. You can install drivers from your Mac OS disk or directly from Apple’s website. Here if you need help Windows support for Mac available online.

Install the Realtek Drivers with latest Version

Realtek driver is also responsible for sound or audio output in computers, and windows based computers running with outdated or incompatible drivers will face the problem. Visit at and install the latest version matching with the title or name of the current Realtek chipset. And if don’t know how to download the same driver, call Windows 7 support and online technician will help you to install the right one.

Repair or Reinstall the Boot Camp Drivers

Sometimes Boot Camp drivers get damaged or corrupted, here you can repair the driver or reinstall the same with right setup. For reinstalling the new version of Boot Camp you first need to uninstall the current version and reinstall the new one with right configurations. And after repairing or reinstalling the Boot Camp drivers restart your Mac computer.

Now, if you still face the sound problem call Windows support phone number for checking your Mac having windows OS and fix the actual problem affecting the audio output. Professional technicians can easily detect such issues and fix with right solution.

How to Fix Sound Problems on Windows 7 on Mac?

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