How to Fix Internet Connection Problems in Windows 8?

Internet connection problem in windows 8 is very common among the users who recently upgraded their PC from older version to this interesting OS of Microsoft. And without internet connection there is no use of such advance computing system on your PC.

Actually there are multiple factors that can create such issues, from outdated driver to hardware cable connection, it could be anything. You need to follow right troubleshooting process to diagnosis this error and fix without indulging into any other problem.

Fix Internet Connection Problems in Windows 8

Reinstall the Network Adapter Software in Device Manager

If you are facing internet connection problem, it might be due to network adapter that could be corrupt or need to repair for working properly. The best way to get rid of such issues, reinstall the network adapter with latest version and restart your PC to see the effects. If you are facing a problem or need help ask for Windows 8 tech support offered by experts who will check and install the right adapter and solve other issues.

Reinstall the Wi-Fi Driver through Recovery Manager

If you have upgraded your PC with Windows 8 you might face wirelesses internet connection problem due to Wi-Fi driver issues. Every laptop or computer manufacturer provides its own built Recovery Manager tool that helps to install such drivers. You have to reinstall the wireless network adapter using device manufacture Recovery Manager and if you are looking for assistance, get Windows help for such issues.

Use Windows 8 Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Tools

Microsoft provides diagnostic tools to troubleshoot such issues. Windows 8 diagnostic tools comes along with Windows 8 operating system package, you just need to run this tool on your PC and all the network troubleshooter tool will automatically detect the problem and fix the same with assured results. After running this tool, most probably your internet connection problem will be solved for using web services.

Windows 8 Support

Check or Reset the Cable and Broadband Device

Hardware issues can also create such issues, hence once check the cable connection, unplug and again plug the RJ45 network cable that is used to connect router or modem to connect with broadband internet connections. Also reset your Router or modem to factory settings that will also help you to troubleshoot internet connection problem in windows 8 PC. Despite all these efforts if you still face the internet connection problem then dial Windows 8 support phone number to get online assistance offered by PC experts to check the issue at professional level and fix the same with right solution.

How to Fix Internet Connection Problems in Windows 8?

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