How to Fix Display Driver Stopped Responding issue on Windows XP?

Display driver stopped responding on your Windows XP occurs when you start a video or game. The other symptom includes application freeze or crashing and in some cases stuck with black screen of death or blue screen death.

Such indication ends with an error message – “Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered” or "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered", along with the driver info in detail. And the error when graphic card is also not responding within a period of time and reinitializes it with the Windows Display Driver Model, you need to fix the issue by applying any of the following of methods discussed below.


First Method: Update the latest Display Driver for Hardware Graphics     

Here you need to update the latest display driver on your computer for hardware graphics. And outdated driver creates such issues, for updating the check the latest availability and as per your version of windows operating system. To download or update the drivers you can take Windows XP help and update the system with latest driver.

Second Method: Visual Effects Setting Adjustment for Better Performance

To avoid such issues you also need to adjust your computer for better performance. Actually, when you open or run multiple programs or applications, it consumes virtual memory and slowdowns your computer. Close extra applications not in use, run only you are working with and adjust visual effects for best performance. If face a problem, dial Windows XP support number and get online help for such issues safely.

Third Method: Increase the GPU Processing Time on your PC

When video adapter hardware or a driver on your computer takes longer than usual time to complete an operation, then Timeout Detection and Recovery can detect such actions. When such error occurs windows attempts to recover and tries to reset the graphics hardware.

However, if the GPU is not able to recover or reset the graphics hardware within the prescribed time, your computer will become unresponsive and the error message comes with “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.”

But if you adjust the registry value and allow Timeout Detection and Recovery feature more time to complete this operation you can fix this issue. If you don’t know how to adjust this setting, just call Windows technical support and get online support for increasing the GPU processing time or fix the display driver related issues.

How to Fix Display Driver Stopped Responding issue on Windows XP?

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