Now do you understand why you need to be an advanced user and know how the computer hardware works? So that in case of malfunction you know where to dig - in the direction of hardware or software.

Fast memory test at computer startupFailure is usually accompanied by characteristic signs. For example, the computer "brakes", does not boot, does not work "mouse" or keyboard. The analysis of these signs, knowledge of the OS and "iron" of the computer will help to form an algorithm for troubleshooting.

For example, if it is impossible to print from the computer, but the print test of the printer itself is successful, then you should not immediately reinstall the OS, and first check the interface cable and printer driver.

Various troubleshooting recipes can be found in the Iron Help section of this site.
Block and component computer repair

Once you have accumulated a certain amount of knowledge, you can get down to practice. Any knowledge without practice is dead and useless!

Beginning repairers usually start with block repairs. If a hardware component (motherboard, memory module, power supply unit, video card) is found to be defective, it is replaced with a similar one.

Sometime you may not be able to block the program when you put wrong program in the block list or accidentally allow the program you don’t want to use or auto run.You can contact support if you want to block Program using firewall you can get in touch with Windows support number round the clock by dialing toll free number +1-844-602-3987.
How to Block a Program in Windows Firewall?
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