How to Solve Access Denied Problem in Windows 7?

There are many times you have experienced the situation when you try to open a particular program, folder or files and message comes showing “Access Denied”.  Actually, there are multiple reasons when access is denied and such error comes on your computer screen.

Top Reasons for Access Denied Error:  

  1. You are not authorized to access the folder or file.
  2. The ownership of folder might have changed.
  3. The file may be corrupt due to virus or hard disk failure.
  4. The file may be already in use you are trying to open.
  5. The file may be encrypted, you need password.
  6. The user profile may be corrupt or not in use.

If you stuck in such situation, you will be not allowed to open, access, modify, edit, rename, delete, save and move file or folder. This error message mainly comes due to permissions issues, corrupted files or corrupted files user accounts. But with the help of Windows 7 technical support experts using right steps you can fix the access denied problem in your PC.

To resolve access denied problem in Windows 7 go to Windows Explorer and follow either of the following methods given below explained with step-by-step process:


Step1: Just right-click on the hard drive of your computer.

Step2: Click Properties to proceed further.

Step3: Now go to the Security tab, and then select Advanced.

Step4: Here you have to click on “Edit” through owner tab.

Step5: Now modify your account ownership to all.


Step1: Right-click on the file or folder inaccessible.

Step2: Now click on Properties.

Step3: Click on the Security tab.

Step4: Here you need to click on Under Group or user name which will show you permission you want to access the folder and files.


Step1: You have to change the drive latter of inaccessible hard disk.

Step2: Now type and run the command “chkdsk /r I:

Step3: Restart your PC and boot into the safe mode.

Step4: Try to open the HDD in windows Home Premium and Windows 7 ultimate.

Step5: Here you will be able to access the drive because after running chkdsk /r I, command the files would have been deleted that were creating the problem.

These are the three best ways you can follow to solve access denied problem in windows 7 PC, if you still face the same problem, dial Windows support phone number for online help. Professional technicians will diagnosis the actual problem and fix the same quickly and you can easily get the access of all your folders and files freely.

How to Solve Access Denied Problem in Windows 7?

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